The pattern is blindingly familiar. A Victim class is established and a Protector class is set up to aid them via legislation and social enforcement of their moral beliefs. This is not just about the supposed violence of super bowl watchers. This is the same mania that has sought to control music’s expressive power, takes books out of public libraries, puts content filtering software in all publicly funded schools and libraries and sets the tone for legislation which strips us of many of the rights outlined in our governments charter so that their moral agendas are established as the new charter.

For example:

Reports are emerging to show that wrestling is the cause of violence in the home. How is this beginning to spread out into the popular mindset?

Compare and contrast these actions with those of the gun control activists, Tipper Gore’s PMRC and most organized religions. In all these we can see the same system of Victim Protector. Without a Victim Class the Protector Class would be powerless. So we now have sections of the population looking to gain power by finding Victim Classes and being their Protectors.

The examples above are just a few of many. No matter how many times it crops up people still stand amazed and say “How can this happen?” The question is not “How” but “Who let it happen?”

The Protector class uses the media to gain a foothold into the mass publics mindset. If an idea can be heard enough times by enough people it can become a fact. The Protector class also uses another power structure to gain control, the government. The willingness of legislators to control and be controlled by FUD is clearly evident.

In the end though this whole things rests on the shoulders of each and every one of us. The direction of our society is like Soylent Green, it's made from people.

Educated we stand Ignorant we fall