President Lyndon Johnson, or LBJ for short, was never known for his good manners or poise while he was in office. It is a common fact that he forced his advisors into the bathroom each morning to discuss politics while he took a shit. He is commonly quoted as saying horribly offensive things and generally not caring what the response would be, a trait that gives us historians interesting stories to tell.

There is one little known story that really sums up LBJ's personality. One evening in 1965, Johnson was being interviewed by several reporters. They were asking him the usual questions about current events, but toward the end, one of them asked the important question: "Why are we still in Vietnam?" Johnson, having answered this question countless times in the year and a half that he'd been in office, finally cracked. The president stood up, faced the reporters, unzipped his fly, pulled out his dick, and said, "This is why we're still in Vietnam."

Needless to say, the interview was over at this time. You see, President Clinton wasn't the only president to whip it out for the benefit of the nation.