For reasons not entirely clear, cows have always fascinated humanity. Nobody can really point out why, but something about them is inherently cool. In India they were worshiped as gods. In America cow tipping is a national pastime. They are a central part of the video game Earthworm Jim. They are all over NYC. They are the staple of The Far Side. Wherever we turn, the cows are there.

Perhaps, however, this love of cows ingrained in the human psyche is not so unusual after all. They give us beef to eat. They give us milk to drink. They give us leather to wear. And all while keeping the world turning, they walk peacefully around their fields with a eternally blissful look.

So why is humanity obsessed with cows? Could it be that they embody all of those characters we wish we possessed. Do each of us yearn to be a productive yet happy member of society? Do each of us have an inner cow yearning to be released?

Or am I full of bull?