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Do I still feel like The boy with the thorn in his side like I was, say 5 years ago? Err...Unlovable? Right now I feel like looking for a McJobs; must save some money, so that I could go to Ko Samui, swim to Ko Phangan; slowcrawling while the&.thoughts of death by drowning linger on my mind which could avoid death by suicide written on the death form to be xeroxed by various siblings who took the day off to shop in ikea instead of seeing soils thrown over my coffin. It is glorius t.o die in the sea. All these thoughts remind me of that shite- The sea is my brother. Why? I hate Hemingway. Back to Ko Phangan. Or I could just swim safely (how?, steer clear from anything with fins?} and observer all the technogoahippies in&.non web safe color palette rags as if they're coming from another planet. Sheer bliss.