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Interests.......... Albert Camus, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Andrei Tarkovsky, Andy Kaufman, Apocalyptic Death Nuggets, Baby Lenin, Basket Case, Beach Boys, beatles, beatles movies, benny goodman, better off dead, blood freak, bonzo dog band, buddy holly, captain beefheart, claymation, coney island, crass, croquet, dandyism, danger mouse, david cronenberg, dead alive, dead kennedys, death race 2000, devo, ed anger, ellery queen, evelyn waugh, film noir, get smart, ghoultown, gialli, gilda, gwar, gypsy music, happy days, irish pub songs, j.d. salinger, james j. kilpatrick, jim morrison, john cheever, joy division, kids in the hall, king arthur, krazy kat, laibach, lawrence ferlinghetti, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lord buckley, luddism, man...or astro-man?, marx brothers, metropolis, minor threat, mix tapes, moog cookbook, mothra, musicals, mystery science theater 3000, ogden nash, old things, orgone, orson welles, os mutantes, oscar wilde, parliament funkadelic, perez prado, pete and pete, peter sellers, peter thomas sound orchestra, playing trumpet, public enemy, ralph waldo emerson, ravi shankar, raymond scott, retro-future, ringo starr, rockabilly vampire, rocky and bullwinkle, rudimentary peni, russian, russian cinema, sam shepard, screamin' jay hawkins, secret chiefs 3, servotron, seymour glass, show tunes, singin' in the rain, socialist realism, south of the border, space age pop, spies, subversion, surf, swarthmore college, t.c. boyle, t.s. eliot, the abominable dr. phibes, the brimstones, the byrds, the doors, the electric prunes, the germs, the honeymooners, the manchurian candidate, the misfits, the residents, the seventh seal, the smiths, the specials, the subhumans, the zombie 5, thelonious monk, thoreau, time capsules, time cube, turgenev, twilight zone, twin peaks, vincent price, waiting for godot, weekly world news, weird nj, welcome back kotter, west side story, william blake, word jazz, world/inferno friendship society, zines, zorro