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hello i am tess, you may know me from AP English IV, or some other class in which you read a book most people didn't like called Tess of the d'Urbervilles. . .no really. . .this is just my alter-ego; the actual maintainter of this account is a girl name.d lAuREn* who is 17, and trying to survive life in the Bible Belt Buckle. . .mostly i LOVE writing, and reading other people's writing, so this seems a most appropriate place for me . . .i am editor of my school's lit mag, an energetic member of YRUU., the Twister Champion of the Universe, principal cellist in my school orchestra, an ex-dancer,ex-drill team-er, ex-swimmer, pianist and lover of animals. . .what i love most is the miracle of the human mind and its capabilities for thought and f.or *love*. . .thus, here i am. . . ;)