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pillage, plunder, usurp,manacle,shakle,subjugate,consume,defile,desecrate,spoil,leech,drain,infect,kulterkauft!,gunboat diplomacy, encirclement,vandalize,lebensraum!
reaching plates in high cabinets
procrustean school for those with speech impediments
"What is unfasionable is what other people wear. Just as vulgarity is simply the conduct of other people.And falsehoods the truths of other people.Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself"-viscount goring in The Ideal Husband-
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Current and former positions held:
Haderach Kwisatz/
Persephone's pudding/
Viceroy of the doldrums(I abdicated when that brazen juggernaut, milo, undermined my authority by suggesting that we think. I soon realised that the Doldrums could be a secret annex for the intellectual class and emigrated with my family to a more idyllic environment where ignorance and complacency could be worshiped and finely groomed.)
Lobbyist for the anthill mentality party/
quasi-intellectual(at least i know that i am about as deep as an ant's wading pool.)
the shoeglue that the eternal footman considers capital
/promethius' favorite vulture/Tiberius caesar's favorite minnow/leonard mead's padded wall/charles wallace's farandolae/Raskolnikov's guilty conscience/
"satan likes the way principality rolls of the tongue"
See, satan is a down to earth kind of guy.