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This is a pet project of dabcanboulet's.

The goal is to provide useful yet accessible definitions of terms of art. The target audience of these definitions will generally be the layperson because:

  • A practitioner requires term of art definitions which are both complete and properly nuanced.

  • Writing complete and properly nuanced definitions of a field's terms of art is a task which requires a seasoned practitioner in the field of art. Consequently, setting a goal of writing complete and nuanced definitions of terms of art would severely limit the scope of this project.

  • Colloquial definitions of terms of art tend to be more accessible and hence, more useful to the layperson than complete and properly nuanced definitions.

  • There are more laypeople than practitioners in any given field of art.

This is a separate userid because:

  • I've noticed that short wu's tend to get down-voted "cuz they're short" (yes, I understand that YOU never down-vote short wu's just "cuz they're short" but a lot of the other noders do).

  • I don't want this (soon to be) collection of short, relatively uninspiring and yet useful wu's to detract or even get mixed in with my other wu's.

  • I'd rather avoid the (almost) inevitable NFN stigma which this userid is likely to attract.