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mission drive within everything
find new places, things, restore passion and whatever sort of harmony i can help with find more and see it all with the least amount of chaosl least black hole space and fill in more worlds with gentle beauty innuendo
healing, flight, fire manipulation
the poorboy angels
let us find this everything you speak of
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terk comes from stock always looking at the sky and wondering pulling at himself to create all the solutions all at once and finding so many worlds within this mirror have been would be madmen of beautiful meaning and realizing the world as it comes up around what is this place and in the center of everyhwere so you say that this is a safe place please and i do know thatthis seems real and how should it all be we question ourselves and reflect yourself with meaning maybe. i have been wandering to and fro wondering and held many odd miracles and many odd destructions and found so many places to get to and never knew a way but i heard echolalia and the names of these and the world around who knew who cares and i see that someone does, i see that someone does.
i do have these things all around, and beautiful nature and passion and everpart of this knows something, how can you describe a feeling a new place, a beautiful paradox you knew had meaning?