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I was born in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Considered an outcast, because I wore straight legs instead of those rolled up tight-ass jeans, I was mocked. I was also fat. And a brain. And a stupid smart-alec brain... IOW, I liked to gloat about my trivia knowledge. I never got picked first in the jock shit, but when it came to trivia baseball(yes, it was a game we played in 5th grade with one of my all time favorite teachers), or spelling contests, I was always picked first. Ooooh. Anyways, I got into skateboarding when I was in 7th grade, but never excelled. From there I learned of Anarchy.... which has been my dominant philosophy ever since(in various forms and degrees)... I got older, learned to be a bit more mature, but still remained strange as ever... Joined a band, never made it big. The band broke up. Work. Listening to autechre, inspired to work on music, and slowly doing that along with writing shit. Umm. Yeah. Symbioid is also the prophet of chaos, just so ya know.