A golf shot characterized by a purposeful outside-in swing of the clubface. Normally, one swings along the target line with the clubface. However, if the lie is poor, and the grass is thick, one may not be able to successfully swing on the target line and maintain enough clubhead speed to get the ball in the air. Similarly, if one swings on the target line attempting to account for this grabbing of the clubface, and the grabbing doesn't happen, the ball will fly too far.

By opening the left of the stance (for a righty), and swinging outside-in and fast, the ball will be hit by a glancing blow. Only a percentage of the forward clubhead speed will be transferred to the ball. To the degree to which you swing out/in is the degree to which the forward momentum will be attenuated. Note that when this shot is hit from more than about 10 yards, the ball will tend to kick right upon impact due to significant sidespin. A typical PW will not hit this shot more than about 50 yards.