these dreams are quite crazy. they were nightmares caused by drinking a pot of coffee and reading 1984 before going to bed. i'm sure Deus Ex didn't help much either.

the end

my father stands before me in a solemn state. we are on the coast of the pacific ocean. he is planning on launching several nuclear missiles around the world. he wants to end all life. i try to talk him out of it, but the first missile is already detonating somewhere west of us in the water. there is a mass of people watching with special dark glasses, they are amused. i turn away in disgust and cover my eyes; the blast is as bright as the sun. i again beg my father to stop and he seems to ponder the idea. he then shrugs off the notion and continues; he knows we will all die.

others are involved with the ending of the world. my resistance is noted, and i am ordered to be killed. this however, is something that i don't like. i find a hotel with many floors and ride the elevator to the top. thank god i have my sniper rifle (heh). i walk to the balcony of a room and take aim. the members of the movement are obvious. the first man i see is one of the leading men. i focus the sight, steady my aim, and pull the trigger. he's down with a fatal wound to the head. i pick off various other people in an attempt to end the madness. i can't find my father... god damn it, i can't find my father.

i wake up. christ that was messed up, it was just a dream. i fall back asleep.

i am in the same situation, but in a different location at the hotel. another leader finds me and tells me i am a good shot. the movement is slowing down. it's only a matter of time before the nuclear winter begins. the man then says something to the extent of "i will kill you if this fails you fucker." i am tempted to pull the .44 out of the back of my pants and blow this guys brains out. for some reason i refrain from doing so. i find an abandoned sports car and drive off. i will die soon. the world is over, it is dead.

"i am your father"

i am attacking a large ship from the cockpit of an a-wing. it is fun, but i am alreading crashing, so i try to land inside the enemy ship. i enter through a port in the side. as i exit, i am greeted by darth vader. we fight with light sabers. he throws my saber away from me, but allows me to retrieve it. i later free the saber from his hands, but i am merciless and take his life.