Oh yes, Witches do use brooms. That's not a complete myth. "Flying on a broom" is also not a complete myth, as a lot of the time people hoping to be fertile used to run through the fields with a broom between their legs as some sort of a blessing. As for flying, that might've gotten mixed up with the practice some Witches have of leaving their bodies, or astral projection, and it's sometimes referred to as flying. Anyway, a broom is often used to clean; surprise, eh? In magick, though, brooms are spiritual cleansing devices; people "sweep the area" to get rid of negative influences. It's also a symbol of fertility. They're often referred to as "besoms," by the way, and are sometimes hung over doorways for good luck. They're actually usually homemade and round, rather than the flat brooms that are found in stores today, though most craft stores have round ones.

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