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Former teamster whose health was ruined by callousness and stupidity at UPS.Currently riding the worker's comp. railroad, and trying to educate myself in computer literacy( I actually understand more about the physics of how transistors are used as on/off switches to hold data than how to use the bedamned things ).I also hold a second degree black belt in the martial art of kuk sool won, but have been unable to practice for over a year due to a herniated disc.My wife and I love hiking and appreciate the outdoors and the wonders of natural beauty.I must admit that I still haven't figured out whether the human race will use our intelligence to explore the infinite possibilities of the universe or destroy ourselves in a pointless exercise of shortsightedness and/or primate dominance behavior.I also find the rhetoric of open source development and the disempowerment of collective power structures(corporate or governmental) to be very seductive.