80s pop/punk group whose lead singer was Annabella Lwin.
The group formed from the remnants of the original Adam And The Ants.
They made a series of great pop records from 1980 to 84 including C30! C60! C90! Go!, Go Wild In The Country, Chihuahua, Prince Of Darkness, Do You Wanna Hold Me? and I Want Candy.
All of the records were characterized by the band's heavy drumming and Annabella's breathy vocals.
Annabella was supposedly discovered at the age of 14 in a launderette by Malcolm McLaren and caused some controversy by posing nude for the cover of their second album See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah! City All Over! Go Ape Crazy. The cover was a recreation of the painting Luncheon on the Grass by Manet.
The original lead singer for the group was going to be Boy George.