Princes and Kings, Thieves and Liars

Up in the city's crystal spires
Greedy men wearing business attire
Burn through our cash just like a fire
Our princes and kings are thieves and liars

Down in the labyrinth of streets below
Blacks pent up in their ghetto
locked into place by the status quo
without a choice, they fill their role

The way things are, the way they'll be
All depends on your money
The ones who buy, the ones who spend
Make all the laws, set all the trends

The way tings are, the way they'll be
Capitalist society
the ones who buy, the ones who spend
the game is rigged for them to win

Up in the hills, suburban white
Letting us know what's wrong and right
Unaware they're locked up tight
scared themselves into a prison of fright

Down in the white house he calls home
Ol' king George sits on his throne
Disregards the people's moans
Wanting everything for his own

It seems the ones we've chose to lead
Are loyal only to their greed
Robbin' us blind so we'll never see
We're bound and shackled by our needs

They've taken a census and agree
It's much to dangerous to be free
Got to protect the bourgeoisie
And lock 'em up if they disagree