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Dark drums rattle through the jungle
and I see my feet are bleeding
The familiar is lost
but I can see through its eyes
I smell nothing

I won't try to tell you who I am here. I list a few facts that the casual observer might consider descriptive of me:

  • I was born in March of 1977.
  • I've been writing software since 1995 and seem to be reasonably good at it. I am currently interested in ways of making software more reliable and more automated. In particular, I find Automated Theorem Provers pretty nifty, if a bit immature as yet.
  • For me, thinking that something is Important is very dangerous. I've learned to avoid it.
  • Like most of humanity, I'm pretty sure that most of humanity is hopelessly stupid, but probably on to something nonetheless. The question is, even if I knew what they were on to, would I be willing to follow? I have a sneaking suspicion that sure this is the same as asking if I'd like to overdose on crack.
  • I Love Techno