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hey, it's rocky. let's see... i have a blatantly self-promoting website which runs linux, of course. hmm, my desk is covered with crumpled paper, an ani difranco CD and a david brin novel. (earth, actually). Ok, that's enough for now. .

i'm rocky as in the boxer not the flying squirrel, by the way. Don't get me wrong; the flying squirrel is rad (so is the moose), but it's just not me.

science fiction is rad. note i didn't say sci-fi is rad. there's a difference,. yo, and you should know it. like, asimov and clarke are different from lucas or rodenberry. maybe it's a television vs literature thing?

the matrix was definitely sci-fi, but that's ok cause it's was totally kick-ass. can still be enjoyable. . . it just doesn't usually raise as many worthwhile questions.