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in the beginning...
wertperch says re Doxography: ...which means what? And it links to what? I know this is your first node, but please, read The Perfect Node, and you also need to learn how to integrate your writeups. /msg me if you want help!
wertperch says re Doxography: hat's better, at least insofar as the links go. But I can't believe there's no more to be said on the subject

a couple of months later...

wertperch says re Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo: Typo Alert: "choosey", "...officials"(church...", "dignataries". Nice w-u!!
Cool Man Eddie says wertperch just cooled your writeup on Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo, baby

i think i might be catching on? maybe?

thanks to wertperch, yossarian, and WickerNipple (so far) for helping me to start to get my bearings here.

another thanks to Jennavenda for pointing out such a blatant error in one of my w-u's.

hi toadgirl