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Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny
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I am an American citizen who has grown up in Hong Kong. This is an excellent way to learn all about cultural relativity without taking an anthropology course, or even learning what the word means. I would recommend it.

Most of my education was recieved in the British curriculum, but I graduated from an American high school. Along the way I picked up a severe mental illness which has been variously diagnosed as dysthymia, clinical depression, and schizoaffective disorder.

I started college at Bates College in Maine but I got kicked out for being (at the time) completely insane. I spent a number of years 'recuperating' during which time I did alot of drugs.

I have since returned to Hong Kong where I am attending Hong Kong University.

I got my first Cool! on Wednesday May 22 2002 and I will treasure it always.

Been lurking for years. I finally log in and find that people've been Cooling some of my stuff. Even How much fun is a barrel of monkeys?. Thanks all. Am now resuming productive noding.