The definition that I have found works best for Paganism comes from Isaac Bonewits (among others).

To most of us, Paganism is a general term for polytheistic religions old and new...
Some would add pantheistic to that, which I will grant. Pagan appears to come from the Latin paganus, meaning country dweller/hick. Interestingly, some claim that it was originally used by the Roman army to mean civilian.

This definition will envelop just about all of the non-monotheistic faiths, with exceptions raised for certain sects of Taoism and Buddhism. So that means that Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are not 'Pagan' (though some of them have happily used this word to refer to others), while Hinduism is in right alongside Wicca and the Church of All Worlds.

Under this definition, a given Pagan might or might not:

Some like to further divide the term into Neopaganism, Mesopaganism, and Paleopaganism, based on time, liberalism, or some combination.