is a climb in Dalkey quarry. So named because you are supposed to look as if you have seen a ghost after you climb this route.

The start is up a vertical carck for about 4m, you then pull onto the Ghost slab, make deleciate moves left along the base of the salb into the big niche. You have gear at the base of the slab and in the niche, You then have to teeter out right onto the blank slab. Just under half height there is a place for a small wire. After this if you fall off near the top you will be uncermoniously planted back to earth. The top is rather exciting for this reason. A friend of mine fell from half height, he was soloing, slid down and off the bottom of the slab, and luckily for him, onto his bouldering pad. He escaped with minor injuries.

The climb is graded E2 5b