Once my mom sent me a postcard for my birthday, it was a big cardboard thing, about 1/4" of an inch think, 8"x8", with four cartoon cows on the front with a birthday cake and a big banner. Don't ask, it was the early 90's and for some reason cows were still considered somewhat cool, a byproduct of the late 80's.

Anyhow, so I get this postcard from my mom and when you push one of the cartoon cow belly buttons the card starts singing.


(MOOOO) (sound of a real cow)


(MOOO)(sound of a real cow)

and so on and so forth.

Anyhow, I flip the card over and see that its signed by my mom and about 15 other people, all of them with different words of congratulations. I figure they are friends from work or some such thing and when I speak to her next I request that she thank her church friends for signing my card. She says 'No one else signed that card'.

Looks like every postal worker that touched it signed it, looks like I made a bunch of postal workers day a bit nicer and they made my birthday a great conversation starter.

I still have that damn card and it's 13 years, 5 cities, 2 companies, 4 jobs, 6 girlfriends, one wife and one son later.