Hi there, I'm Ant, one of the strongest insects in the world. You think you're special? Well, I have my own food servants..and huge strangers they are. Sometimes my servants leave food outside, in plastic bags and in baskets in the grass or on the sidewalk, but other times, inside, on tables and in pantries. Oh yeah, I'm real strong too. I can haul a grasshopper without your help.

Most important though, is how damn smart I am. It shows in the size of my head. I can plan organized military strategies of attack with my troops of fellow ants, and I have lots to choose from worldwide...yellow, red, brown, black, and some metallic ones. Some of us even have built-in weapons, like powerful stingers at the tips of our bellies.

Just because we have it all doesn't mean we're lazy. Queen Ant lays eggs like clockwork. Worker ants build and defend our homes. Too bad we don't live too long, usually just 8 to 10 weeks but we go through four stages of egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

Ah, here comes someone with more food... Ahhhh.. SQUISH!

How can ants carry so much weight in proportion to their size?
The answer's over here: http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/may99/927263695.Gb.r.html