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mission drive within everything
By thinking about new ideas I can hopefully avoid the stroke or heart attack that I feel is pending at this moment in my head.
Programming ASP, pointing out superfluous flaws.
My own. Nobody else put up with me.
Mediocrity - It Takes a Lot Less Time and Most People Won't Notice the Difference Until It's Too Late.
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April 2nd, 2001
Been working with computers since the age of 12 with my Atari 800 and I've fucking hated them ever since.
If I didn't enjoy them so much I'd throw them all out of the nearest airlock and be done with it.
When I'm not drag racing or playing paintball with my friends I simply wait around to die.

July 10th, 2001
Most of this has recently been put on hold as I try to figure out just what the hell this is all for.