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As an ardent BSD user and computer science student, this noder should be writing geeky nodes that attempt to give the uninitiated headaches. Instead, he tends to focus his time around working in a professional slacking practice where he is quickly climbing the ranks.

When in his house, this user listens to ecstatic jazz, lurks on e2, and engages in combat with enraged monkeys. He currently lives next door to Billy Shears in the basement of an elderly couple's home with a cockatiel, a scottish terrier, and three synthetic chincillas.

He is a former member of the V. Club. He's enjoyed a brief career as an athlete playing capture the flag for Riverwests's Team Red. He is also a retired clerk of the Boomerang County Office of Dada and Neighborly Relations. He used to have his own gang of thugs, and became infamous for causing a hush to cool over busy environments by screaming at the top of his lungs (usually turning bright red as a result).

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