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    I was blessed one day to be searching for something trivial, and end up looking at the wonderous pages of the everything2 website. I'm sure I share the feeling of enthusiasm, and blossoming enlightenment that every other new user has had. Enough glorifying, though. It's all probably been done to death.

    I am a study in opposites. Large and imposing in appearance at times, I am often unnoticed or overlooked (especially by those who know me, and therefore take me for granted the most), which suits my shy, almost anti-social nature. Despite my physical ability to have been 'the jock', I have always been more of a seeker of knowledge. The only thing preventing my total engrossment in studies of higher learning is my cadre of poor behavioral traits. Being somewhat lazy, and childlike in my constant pursuit of entertaining distraction, I have shorted myself by not taking up the ambition to reach my potential. Of course, the fact that my family was too poor to make anything more than High School a matter of great struggle to deal with financially has also held me treading the waters of inadequate public education. Perhaps once I cease to languish in the hedonistic revelry of wasted adolescence, I'll take the reins of my life firmly, and make something of myself.

    For now, I'm living and working in Missouri, at the Taney County Jail. I work nights from 11pm-7am CST, and spend my free time trying not to let my fiancee spend all our money; we will be getting married on Oct. 20th, 2004. I have a wide variety of interests, none of which are extremely interesting (if one could live on irony, I would be forever sustained). I enjoy reading, music, most forms of electronic entertainment, puzzles & games of strategy (I'm currently mourning the fact that I am no longer an avid duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh due to lack of local players), and helping others. The last, especially if there's anything to gain from it. Did I mention I'm a shameless cynic..? Anyone interested in contacting me can email to