Woke up at 11 for work at the computer lab. This is harder than it seems; I'm at college and I was out until 3am or so having a good time for a while, then not having that great of a time. But regardless, I made it there. The highlight of my day: We have a strict policy regarding food and drink at the lab. No food is allowed, and one may only drink water, and then only from a spillproof container. So I do a bunch of software installs (until today I didn't know what the hell SAS was) and I notice a kid with a bottle of Tropicana apple juice. Nuh-uh. Then, due to a brilliant stroke of genius on my part, I decide to have a little fun.

I go back to my desk, pop open the webcam for the room he's in, and figure out the computer name of his machine. Then it's Start, Run, cmd.exe

C:\>net send magnesium "Hello. ACCEL permits only water in spillproof containers in its labs. Thanks, your friendly ACCEL consultant"

He's reading from a textbook when the message appears onscreen. About 30 seconds later he looks up, sees the message, reads it, looks around the room, utterly baffled, and shows it to his friend sitting next to him.

He clicks OK. The juice remains on the desk.

This means war! I have a handy utility called psloggedon, part of the pstools suite from SysInternals. I use that to snag his username, use that to determine his real name...

C:\>net send magnesium "Chern-Huai: Tropicana fruit juice is not water. I don't want to be a hardass, but it's policy. Sorry. Thanks, your friendly ACCEL consultant"

Now he's freaked out. He pokes his friend on the shoulder and points. Both have an expression of confusion and fear on their faces. His hand tenatively reaches out and stows said juice in his backpack. My index finger is hovering above the Enter key, waiting...

C:\>net send magnesium "Many thanks."

At this point, he notices the blinking red LED of the webcam out of the corner of his eye, laughs, and waves.