In a glorious blinding instant your friend will be known to you
The gift of themselves carefully wrapped, and presented honest and true
Yours to have and forever to carry inside and feed and nourish
To fill your empty, to comfort, and inspire your better persona to flourish.

Your friend inflates you, has you bobbing merrily on your sparkling surface
Their warmth will have you rising up through your cool waters
And nothing on this earth can come close to them and nothing matters more to you
Coz without them you stumble and tumble and plummet and sink without trace to the loneliest blue.

True friendship is the truth, and quite simply 'is'
It can't be broken or changed, its not scared or fragile But treat it like it is.
Take their friendship and cradle it gently in your arms
Drive like that friendship is an egg on your bonnet and be clever not to drop it.
And if you do drop something so precious, remember that just because something is lost don't mean it don't still exist, coz the truth always does and always is.