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Why do mosquito bites itch for so freaking long? One would think that with all that added circulation, any allergens injected by the critter would be whisked off to the liver. So why aren't they? And if I find out that it's because of some incredibly-named protein (and I'm sure that's what it is, some special property of an insanely polysallabic organic compound) then if I write that up, will the soft linking really preserve the substance's connection to mosquitoes?

And although this probably qualifies as pointing out the obvious, I have noticed that the more viscerally experienced and generally important in an immediate way a thing or experience is, the fewer syllables there are in its name. Bed. Sex. Food. Beer. Love. Hate. Hurt. Help. And, conversely, the less visceral/important a thing or experience, the longer the word used: embarrassment, flight delay, politician.

And a short search via Google (who now own Deja, egad) failed to turn up the usenet posting that started the whole AOL bisk thingy, nor did it show the later post explaining the typo. /me sighs. See, it was this frothing guy who misspelled everything in his post, but people were delighted at the "bisk" typo, so that got used. I'd love to append this bit of history to the bisk entry, but I can't document it yet. Grrr.