Nothing is an ambitious web venture, which allows users to collaborate in the project of creating a web-based version of absolute nothingness.

The project starts with a simple database of all worldly knowledge and wisdom, arranged into an infinite number of discrete items called nodes. After registering their choice of username (any combination of at least 6 null characters), users can begin to annihilate nodes at will.

The front page of the site displays recently annihilated nodes, as well as nodes which are deemed by experienced users to have been especially worth eliminating. Clicking on any of these will bring the user to an utterly blank screen, and novice users will normally spend their time simply immersing themselves in this oblivion for a time. However, once they've browsed around a little, they are encouraged to participate in the process, by selecting nodes to erase. This is mainly done by searching on the name of a node. If it has not already been annihilated, the user will be presented with its entire contents, which he/she can then obliterate. In order to encourage this type of participation, the user gains "experience" for this action.

The project is already quite well advanced, although the beauty of it is that there is no limit to the amount of knowledge which can be removed. However, the administrators of Nothing are concerned that there is a heavy bias towards eliminating certain areas of knowledge. For example, all possible information on Linux, Microsoft and Nothing Culture has already been removed, and significant dents have been made in sex and gun control. However, an enormous amount of information on Art, Literature and Science remains in the database, and the admins are trying to encourage users to attack this type of content soon.

Other concerns for the future of Nothing include the problem of financial support. The Nothing admins have had difficulty in finding advertisers who are willing to pay for the privilege of displaying a banner ad which will be instantly deleted by the first user who sees it. However, the project gets by on the good will of its users, and the utter dedication of its creators to the ideal of nothingness on the web.