15 minutes before I started to write this node
I was jogging along the Elbe in Dresden.
Suddenly a man on a bicycle approached me and spoke to me.
He said "driving bicycle is better than jogging".
He was very drunken and said that he was a Tatar.

He asked me what I know about history of the Tatars.

I only told him that there is a German food called
Tartar. His name was Bedri. (like Peter, he said).

He mentioned Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Lenin
and Leonid Brezhnev.
I think that he also whispered something about al-Qaeda.
First I didn't understand the word Lenin. I asked: Did you say Stalin?
"No, he was Georgian" he said.
He could'n remember what he said because he was too drunken.
But after a while his mind came back to Lenin.
He emphasised the similarities of his appearance
with Lenin. He said that he was a descendant of Lenin.

I asked him which kind of vodka he prefers.
He didn't want to answer. I asked him for vodka Gorbachev, which is
very popular in Germany.

(In german it is written "Gorbatschow". The label
was already on the market before Gorbachev became globally known person. Meanwhile also "Wodka Jelzin" Yeltsin is available).
"No, no!" he said.
Vodka Smirnoff? No answer. Moskovskaya? No answer.

Then he told me that he has a problem.
He needs a "Gesundheitspass" (bill of health).
He asked me where to get it.
I told him that he should ask the police.

We did not exchange our business cards.
But I'm sure that I will meet him again.