The marriage of people who are members of two different races (actually phenotypes if you want to be completely accurate).

This topic has come up among a group of my friends from college who communicate on a mailing list (this list is comprised of all black males, the dominant group which attends Morehouse College, an all male historically black college). One of my old roomates lives in a small town in Tennessee and a co-worker of his is engaged to a white woman. This co-worker is a black male who recently divorced his first wife (who was black). He went over the reactions in the community. Apparently the most pissed off group are the black females, many of whom consider him a sellout who got successful and put down the sister who loved him when he was nothing. My boy reckons the guy makes around $80K a year. The white men seem to think of the woman as some sort of traitor. Most of the black men don't care, but the ones that do think he is a sellout, and he hasn't heard anything from the white women. Now, I don't know much about the cross section of non-black people's reactions to interracial marriages, but I can definitely say that the reactions he has described for black people is typical of what I have seen. Interestingly, I don't hear much from black men even when the roles are reversed and a black woman is marrying a white man, though this is a bit less common than black male, white female couplings. I'd be interested in hearing various people's perspectives on this.