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I'd be lying if I said that I have better things to do than fill in a Bio. Oh well. Regardless, you won't get any more out of me.

Thank you for C!ing me
Thank you for correcting me
Thank you for voting me up
Thank you for voting me down
I've tried /msging people to thank them for C!s, but I've decided that it doesn't seem right somehow. I'm a rather polite person, but I feel that thanking a person for C!ing me is more like thanking them for giving me a few extra XP and putting my name on the board, than it is for thanking them for thanking me for a quality node.
If I get a C!, I hope I deserved it; if I get up- or down-voted, then I hope I deserved it too.
XP is easy enough to come by that it's irrelevant to my gaining levels, so I would entirely welcome any votes at all, up or down, that would aid me in my noding. If you are going to down-vote me, then go ahead -- but if I can fix something, please let me know, and I will. Softlinking and silent downvotes are a little ruder, however I won't complain, and I can probably figure things out.
I will also maintain my old nodes, and gladly accept any corrections, whether they are for spelling, grammar, logic, reference, accuracy, linkage, or any other errors. Also, I do not plan on nuking my bad nodes unless they really contain no useful purpose anymore. If some writeup is really awful, I'll edit it.

For the annoying and/or terminally bored, I am located at, and can be reached at rikek (at) via Email or rikek1 (at) on MSN Messenger. Also hpybofh on AOL Instant Messenger. Now why that would be of any interest to someone on e2 is beyond me, but hey.

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