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It's better to know what you don't know, than to know a lots of things.
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Name: Egil Möller

It is better to know what (stuff) you don't know, than to know a lot.

The knowledge that you are an idiot, is what differs you from one.

Do what you want, a.s long as you don't mess' upp anybody elses harddrive... (A short time after I added this statement to my e-mail signature, I messed up my own harddrive... Ups! The hole mailinglist laughed).

Biology is practicated kemistry, and kemistry i.s practicated physics, and physics is practicated math, and math is practicated logic, and logic is practicated philosophy as well as philosopy is theoreticated logic, and logic is theoreticated math and math is theoreticated physics, and physics is theor.eticated kemistry, and kemistry is theoreticated biology...