Soulfly is Massimiliano A. Cavalera, aka Max Cavalera
Instrument: Guitar, and Throat
Former bands: Sepultura, and Nailbomb

Joe Nunez
Instrument: Drums
Former band: Fleshold

Mikey Doling
Instrument: Guitar
Former band: Snot

Marcelo Dias
aka Marcelo D. Rapp
Instrument: Bass
Nickname: Rapadura!
Former band: The Mist

Jackson Bandeira (Lucio Maia) - He recorded with Soulfly for the debut album. Jackson then returned to his band Nação Zumbi (his permanent band).

Logan Mader - Toured with Soulfly from April 23rd 1998-New Year's Eve 1998. Logan then left Soulfly to concentrate more on other musical interests.

Mikey Doling - With Soulfly from January 15th 1999-Present. He came to Soulfly after the lead singer for his previous band Snot (Lynn Strait R.I.P.) died in a three car accident.

Roy Mayorga - Recorded and Toured with Soulfly for the debut album. Roy is also responsible for the Tribe (Fuck Shit Up Mix) remix, and Chaos B.C. remix. Roy left Soulfly on July 14th 1999.
Joe Nunez - Recorded "PRIMITIVE" with Soulfly and bringin' da shit to the world right now on tour!