mspie: I totally have a craving for chicken pot pie
mspie: wanna hear it?
   mrpants: yes
mspie: ok you get a big bowl
mspie: and in the bowl you put some shredded chicken
   mrpants: HOW MUCH, WOMAN
mspie: which you could roast yourself - or you could use leftovers
   mrpants: NINETEEN LBS?
mspie: maybe one cup, more if you want
   mrpants: oh
   mrpants: 1 cup shred cluck. check
mspie: and then you put some fresh ground pepper
   mrpants: grindgrind
mspie: shred cluck haha
mspie: then the juice of one lime
  mrpants: check
mspie: about three fat cloves of garlic
   mrpants: aw yeah
   mrpants: more
   mrpants: dare ya
mspie: no - you don't want to get crazy with it in this dish
mspie: it can be over powering
   mrpants: imo git crazy innat kitchin wit yew
mspie: mmm
mspie: well I never said YOU couln't be overpowering
mspie: so yeah
mspie: then you get some fresh asparagus
mspie: white or purple or green
mspie: but it MUST be fresh
mspie: like, if you can't hear it snap, forget it
mspie: and you chop it on a slant, about an inch long
mspie: then you toss in one can of condensed creamy chicken soup
mspie: add maybe a little less than a 1/4 cup of water
mspie: and put in some basil - fresh is best
mspie: you could also chop up carrots or potatoes, leftovers or canned
mspie: but if you use anything from a can you have to rinse the shit out of it or it tastes like a can
mspie: and you mix it all up
mspie: pour it in a pie shell
mspie: smooth it in
mspie: put the top on
mspie: cut it all purty like a fine motherfuckin pie
mspie: sprinkle some paprika on the top
   mrpants: dude
mspie: bake it like 40 min on 350
mspie: eat up
   mrpants: i will suck on you
   mrpants: lick and kiss
   mrpants: and bite
   mrpants: you
mspie: yeah?
   mrpants: like a kashmiri princess!
mspie: I totally wanna make you a pie
   mrpants: some pie-crazed dervish
mspie: a chickin frickin POT pie par-tay
   mrpants: i wanna help
   mrpants: be in there
mspie: yeah?
mspie: aw
mspie: that's so sweet
mspie: when I am on my game I FLY in the kitchen
mspie: used to make 8 loaves of bread at a time
mspie: my owl bagles
mspie: OWN
mspie: HAHA
   mrpants: owlbagler
mspie: fresh baked soft pretzels
   mrpants: OWLBEAR
mspie: home made honey mustard
   mrpants: dude
   mrpants: pls
mspie: made all my own dressings and sauces
   mrpants: come to me
mspie: hee
   mrpants: you pie swooner
   mrpants: you baker crooner
mspie: you think you would like my cooking?
   mrpants: i shall eat and see!
mspie: aw
mspie: I bet we could cook the daylights outta some dinner
   mrpants: know what?
mspie: what?
   mrpants: imo save this conversation
   mrpants: as a recipe
mspie: you are?
mspie: hee
mspie: and blush
   mrpants: maybe node it under recipe
   mrpants: all aliased-like
mspie: heeeee
mspie: know what?
   mrpants: whaddya think?
mspie: I totally love you
   mrpants: mmm i love you
   mrpants: so - cool idea?
mspie: yes
mspie: cool
mspie: big ol softy