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I've only written 3 nodes, and 2 of those have been deleted by dannye, who accepts no criticism. this is the last node he deleted, which was originally about the first node he deleted, and listed under "why dannye irritates me."

"i'm a newbie around here - i've only got one node to lose, since dannye has deleted my first. i've been advised that criticizing an avatar may not be a wise move, but like i said, i've only got one node now to lose, and then OH NO, i'll have to log in under some other name.

dannye is the reason i usually do not participate in interactive internet forums. everytime i start, some asshole gets in the way, and this time it was dannye. i wrote a node about my favorite bumper sticker George W. Bush for lawn ornament. it was my very first node. i'd been wanting to make it for a couple days, and finally got around to get an account. then he deleted it, telling me "we" were trying to avoid noding bumper stickers. that was after it had been "C!"ed.

you irritate me, dannye. i think you're an asshole. "

and then he told me to calm down and stop acting like a child.