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"Life is all about strategy, mathematics and psychological perceptiveness."
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I am I. Make sense? Probably not. I am a compilation of the needs and wants of society, job, and personal wants. These things make me, a person who views the world as a place that needs so much work but has so many greedy dinks that perpetually backsliding us all into a crap house. For more on this visit my soap box tirade.

By day I wear many many hats for a Internet Technology startup. My label is Manager of Creative Services. However, I also help manage. our network, phone system, and windows machines. At night I help a social group and am working with my best friend to make a game that will absolutly blow the socks off of anything ever witnessed, and when I have time I enjoy to go dancing. both salsa and swing.

I shall keep the world posted with my oddities.

Keeping it Real, -RC

This is all old hat, I will be revamping later. -R