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to use my life as an example to others, to encourage purity and truth, to eradicate all that is evil and immoral, to seek out the true path to justice and salvation
my words are my weapons
Is there a meaning to life, or does life create its own meaning... follow the right way and you shall have naught to fear... every evil act deserves its own retribution
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I am raskolnikov. I am a human being.

What do I believe in? I believe in purity, devotion, reverence, honesty, and justice. I will crusade to the death for virtue and oppose sin at all costs.

What am I against? That which defiles the purity and goodness of humanity: evil, cruelty, abuse, deceit, treachery. I will crusade to the death to expose evil and sin in all its forms and punish it fairly and harshly.

I am young, but I am wise. I have seen the ways of the world and I have seen the travesty of humanity. If there is but a goal in my existance it is to protect and save the virtue in humanity through my own actions, words, and examples.

I apologize for the rhetoric, but I have been hurt many a time in my youthful years. I am firm in my thoughts that nobody should go through such pain as I have. Perhaps that will save others from experiencing the painful fate that I have suffered again and again.