The 16 oz. energy drink Monster is an unusual addition to the current roster of popular 8 oz. energy drinks, including Red Bull, Amp, Venom, and many others. Common commercial sources indicate that the drink has a "smooth flavor you can really pound down."

"Special ingredients" (Per Serving):

Note that there are 2 servings, so there is twice as much of everything in the whole can.

Monster retails for $2 a can, as with most 8 oz. energy drinks, but is a little more difficult to find. It can be bought in bulk online at for a little bit less.

Of course, you can't always believe what they say. I picked up a can of this stuff at Discount Den by the Purdue campus, and my first sip of it brought neither citrus nor taurine to mind - it only made me think of one thing, and that was chapstick. This stuff tastes like chapstick. After some consideration, I noticed some tropical something or other; pineapple, lemon, maybe pina colada, but it was still mostly chapstick.

I was working on only 2 hours of sleep, and personal tastes will vary, so don't take this too seriously. But I don't mind chapstick all that much, so I kept sipping it throughout the lunch hour and on into my C++ lab. After about an hour of my chapsticky-sweet goodness, I gave a friend of mine a taste and he said (and I quote), "My god, that does taste like chapstick."

But of all the Sobes and Mad Rivers and tea and coffee I've ever had, Monster was by far the cleanest, most comfortable lift I've ever had. I guess there's something to be said for 5000 mg of miscellaneous stimulants.