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Also known (to people who were on the Internet before 1994) as Shag,
and (to people in the carbon-based world) as Dan Birchall. Having used the 'net since 1989, I'm at near-dinosaur status. I've done most of the useful things people strive to do&.with the 'net, but to reach net.legend status, I still have to do a least one of these things: 1) Write a book about the Internet, instead of just contributing chapters to other people's. 2) Write an RFC that people actually find useful. 3) Wr.ite a piece of software that people find useful enough for it to enter widespread use. Anyway, in addition to playing with computers, I get paid to work with them. When I'm not at a computer, I spend time with my wife Maisha and daughter Tera, rid.e my Cannondale, and occasionally hang out backstage at Queensryche concerts.