The slight variation on this basic recipe that I use calls for:

  • lemon - Use a quarter of a fresh lemon, squeeze it into the water and then leave it in. Gives you enhanced taste, and the health benifits of vitamin C and lemons being generally just plain good for you.
  • honey - if you have a sore throat, use massive quantities. A slightly syrupy taste can be oh so soothing. Also, it helps take some of the bite off of the ginger and the...
  • cayenne pepper - if you've got a significant congestion problem (nasal, not traffic), the spiciness of cayenne, as with hot salsa and wasabi, can very effectively drain your sinuses. Dash as liberally as you think you can stand.

This tasty, magical cure-all formula has rescued me from many a cold. Try it, you'll feel much better.