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um...i make good sandwitches?
i've decided to be immortal. it's working so far.
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Starbucks = free milk
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in the beginning, there was everything, and it was the shit. i've been lurking for awile, but only recently decided to contribute. i am a teenage male currently on indefinite sabbatical from public school due to chronic demotivation contracted from a dirty toilet seat. i view the world with my own special blend of cynical optimism, and have a flair for sarcasm and creative insults. despite all this, i'm actually a nice guy. i like ska, sushi, video games, and flirting, although i'm very taken at the moment, and have recently adopted a philosophy of christian transhumanism, because robots are cool. having recently discovered the hard way that graffiti art is frowned upon by the mainstream sections of society, the pigfucks, i can't use that as my occupation anymore...