One of the marvels of modern science. I believe that IBM's name for this style is Selectronic, as the clicky key design was engineered to emulate the feel of an IBM Selectric electric typewriter, though I've heard it referred to as the model M. I've had mine for five years now. None of my other original computer hardware remains but this.

You can pry off the keys easily and clean hair/food/crud from between the keys. The cable is replacable, letting you connect it to both AT and PS/2 sockets. You get badass points if you manage to get the 12 footer RS/6000 keyboard cord. You can beat someone to death with it and still use it to compose nodes.

Some varieties include a Trackpoint nipple betwixt the G, H, and B keys. These keyboards have a pass-through port to allow an external mouse to be MUXed with the Trackpoint. This may seem redundant until you find yourself eating a sammich and trying to node simultaneously.

The truly 31337 have one of the Trackpoint models in all black. These were once options for the Thinkpad. The flat black model has achieved a degree of sex appeal that no amount of transparent corrugated plastic, USBness, or Eurodynamic styling can muster.

I love it like Tender Vittles. I love it like a milkshake.

I will die slumped over this keyboard. I wish it to be buried alongside myself.