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Do masochists enjoy slamming their fingers in a car door?
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distant towers in woodland glimpsed from afar but never there when you try to get to them
shaking low camera angles running very fast

watching eating close up so you can see strings of saliva

tall hedges too carefully trimmed

animals talking only when your back is turned

being watched by something in the dark

people falling over for no reason that i can see

cameras having a life of their own

face like a humanised wolf there behind the window when you pull the curtains at night when youre alone

blood dripping from trees

forgetting why youre there when you get somewhere

music that sounds like it should be played in cathedrals where people are tortured in front of an audience

politicians meeting in secret to eat human flesh and laugh

shaking so much your head comes loose and you see everything like its been badly printed

lots of people dancing to no music but theyre all dancing the same

woods where no birds sing

dolls having teeth and moving around at night

night falling very very quickly

how to cope if i survive a nuclear war

waking up in a dream of another town

eating and then looking down and realising i have been eating maggots and worms

forgetting how to understand speech

cars being personalities that alter drivers like in a stephen king story

baskets full of heads of animals and people between the normal baskets at a market

people you know casually revealing that they are demonic entities

trees looking like theyve been placed for some evil mathematical game

geographical landmarks moving around from day to day

sadness and nostalgia for an idealised and nonexistent past

being strangled by sentient trees whilst walking alone in the woods

my social interaction being an elaborate joke for the amusement of unknown others

winning something then getting horribly injured on the way to collect the prize

drowning in grain after a lorry tips over or by falling in a silo