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well ive kinda tried loads of things to kill my self,my g/f died when i was 16 and i miss her so much i guess first love n stuff,sure iv been with others but i cant really live without her,i dream of her every nite an now im 28 n this still haunts me,ive tried o,ding (paracetamol with alcohol) but i was jus ill 4 2 weeks(first three days i was in a coma)ive tried hanging myself (i cuddnt stand the sensation i tried to be brave)i thought about electructing my self but ummm that kinda makes me feel weird,obviosly ive try slitting my wrists(which is why i have scars down my arms)my throat ect id recommend talking to somebody if anyone under 18 wants to do this tho i really cant see wat differance it would make ,im not a deppressed person, im not unhappy,i just dnt want this bullshit life anymore people would say im ungrateful that others in the world have a much darker life than mine and i would agree,but id also say that this contributes to why i dnt wanna be here no more,im just sik of this bullshit world ,well anyway here is my way im going to go to sleep 4ever-oh n if i had a gun itd be so much easier-im gunna get clear nail varnish n mix it with iron fillings n magnesium n set fire to it on sum cardboard above my head this will burn out my head sooo god damn fast(itll burn tru a car bonnet then engine then axle in secs aswell as concrete)plus im gunna do it in public itll make these fuks think why?