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I'm a sophomore (Hahaha! One year down!) physics major at UCSB. I'm really confused about life and have no idea what I'm doing besides a ton of homework, but it's a lot of fun anyways. I have horrible social skills and get really nervous around girls. For now I'll just go into a corner and tell myself I'm holding out for that awesome geek girl of my dreams.

Enough with the sappy stuff. I love learning physics of all kinds, newtonian/lagrangian/statistical/relativistic/quantum mechanics (everything in physics is mechanics it seems). Math is cool too, as well as philosophy.

Oh yeah, and I'm a music addict (nearly all kinds, but my true love is progressive rock) and what some would call an "audiophile," but I'm not an analog hippy with a turntable and tube amps, nor a basshead with more subwoofers than speakers, I just like hearing nice sound.

I dislike organized religion, pseudoscience, girls who wear makeup (well, it's alright occasionally, but it's mostly overkill), science haters, I'll think of more later...

Contact me on AIM if you feel like discussing anything: tis84