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Postmodernism sucks.
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I'm afraid.

My second node ever was Cooled! Now I'm more scared.


Ok. My fear was justified, but now I'm better for it. My fourth node was nuked.

The Semi-Fictional Editorial as a Genre of Creative Writing

I'll probably be writing stuff which seems like over-the-top opinion. This is a purely creative (in the technical sense) endeavor. Often these opinions will have a very, very small grain of honesty in them, but I assure you that this is purely in-character writing. Authors often put a little bit of themselves into their characters, even the villains.

My writing needs to improve.

I want to practice different narrative voices.

Stuff to do

Reviews, factuals, etc.

Drumming — how about a node on Electronic Drums in particular?

Video Games? Meh.

Sailor Jerry's Rum. I like it.

A very irreverent Postmodernism node? Egh. Survive Style Five Plus is satire.

Pure creative/personal writing

My Grandmother used the word Engawa — Research how this could possibly be.

I'm rather unlikely to do any pure fiction, I think. I would want to put that on my blog. Unless it's offensive fiction. Hmm, porn. Nah.

Given that my E2 account uses a pseudonym which is (for now!) unconnected with my true identity, I can perhaps take advantage of it to discuss things that I would not otherwise be willing to do. I started this tradition right off the bat with 2d complex. Some ideas for further sick or otherwise offensive shit follow. These are places where I would use a very irreverent style, so as to ensure that they are interpreted as creative writing and not factuals. And hey, that's what I'm here for! Sucks to facts.

Hentai in general



Japan is Fucked — this may be a bad idea. Duh.

Any other *chan meme shit blah horrible.