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to post worthles info (well mostly to have fun but if this is what it takes then thats what i'll do...)
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ok so i have been a E2 person for quite a while just never really felt the need to create an account... You will probably figure out why i never created one after a few months when you see all of 1 post and even that gets deleted cause of its worthlessness. (being now a bit more than two years after starting this account i have put up two nodes both which lasted only a month or so :-D )

so about me (not like you actuly care)

umm im an avid slashdot reader. read every few mins or so(okay not quite).
also read fark(.com) and so should you....
i go to RIT and i like it (unlike some csh losers)
i'm working on getting my girlfriend addicted to e2 and after only a day or so of trying i think it worked!

yeah thats all for now
(damn my life is boring) (so life is less boring now cause of my gf but i'll keep that here cause it typifies most of my life)

Some nodes I like...
Thats right the nodes i liked got deleted (there were two great ones... no not mine)